The Usurper's Fang


The Two Headed Wolf

Leaping Fang of the Night Hunt Pack
She weeps bitter tears her soul she claims has been severed from her God, she is nothing now, broken away from her home, her father, mother murdered, and she was beaten by Northmen. She begs for death in the old tongue.

The Priest Valton helps to calm her down

He explains that the sickness grows more dangerous by the day, he can cure some of it but not all of it. Rumors come that another man, from the south has come to town, pale and sick, ashen skin and sunken eyes.

The longer the cobbler is exposed the more feral he becomes, by the rising of the full moon he will be more beast than man. He regenerates in his blackened skin and his teeth are sharpening. He is a danger to himself and to others.
The girl may of be of some use. “She is a wyldling of the Jundar after all.”

Valton can’t cure the wasting only slow it. There will be little he can do for the Wyldling once the transformation is complete.
But Valton knows nothing of the Old Ways, they need a keeper of the old ways, a shaman. This magic has long been abandoned in the Southern Dominance.

(Leaping Fang explains the Gnoll)
He was a good cub, Wyld Eye. He had come at your request, the Kingdom dwellers. Your pact leader called for us and so our pact lords gathered. They discussed the terms presented by your master. Wyld Eye was loyal and true. He was our envoy and your people slew him, now his song has ended.

She points to the banner, the Two Headed Wolf one Red on Black the other Black on Red. It’s the banner of the Usurper. A banner found with the fallen Gnoll.

Valton says something like, “House Raveen, this land belonged to Raveen before his treachery, before Lord Raveen turned against the King. House of Rue now Rules where Raveen once conspired against the King. But the house of Raveen is no more, and yet here is their banner.

Well the group decides that with the wasting spreading they can linger in Tarlon Ferry no longer. They must seek out a cure in the Wyld. Imbert convinces Leaping Fang to be there guide and the next morning the crew leave.

They leave cobbler Daine in the hands of the priest to be cared for as best as they can.



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