The Usurper's Fang


To the Wyld... ok not just yet

Journey into the Wyld. Ok not quite. First they have to make a couple of stops. As they travel south they enter several hamlets warning them of the Lorkylan’s in the south and asking them to take shelter. Afraid for their lives and with this new threat the populace grows ever restless and bitter toward the crown. They believe that not only does the king steal from them, but now he abandons them. He takes their strongest sons and sends them north to die in the dessert and leaves the south all but defenseless. With the exception for House Rue and the bloodied. They have become rallying points for the people. Many have turned to the larger settlements for protection and House Rue has been well prepared to receive them.

Our Heroes though didn’t figure this out until they started flashing the King’s Signet and announcing themselves as legitimate couriers of the King. Oops. Well they ditched the ring, well stopped flashing it and relied on diplomacy to proclaim the warnings of the princess. Which worked well until they returned to Two Rivers. Yes coming home just didn’t feel the same with the town over crowded and blatantly hostile to the Wyldling woman and the halfling.

Just as a fight was about to break out with a huge man from House Rue known as the mountain and the party a voice of reason cuts through the tension. Yea, our Heroes don’t have to die. It’s William’s old boss the Sheriff who tried to get him to kill innocent people. They embrace warmly with a hug. Well not so much, but Jeff does try to talk his way out of a confrontation and Haran tries to help as well. I mean all he has to do is hand over the Wyldling and the halfling. It will satiate the masses and every thing will be ok. Of course, William explains that the Wyldling woman while not his best friend can’t just be handed over. She is taking him to a cure for the wasting.
Good news a cure has all ready been found. Simply kill the people with the disease and it doesn’t spread. So he can hand over the woman and the halfling and have a beer on him. Well, one thing leads to another and total anarchy breaks out. William tries to take off the head of the Mountain. Doesn’t quite work. But there is enough effective confusion that the group is able to escape up the stairs to the lookout station. Marty throws the crowd all there gold. Which causes enough confusion that the fighters can’t actually get to them as they escape, and accomplishes the goal of redistributing the wealth that was hordes by the old Baron.

They jump for their freedom and decide that maybe they should run fast to the protection of the Wyld?
Horns blare from the south, the Jundar Horde is advancing on the city. No longer safe behind the walls our Heroes nimbly maneuver around the horde and find an abandoned farmstead. They lay down for a peaceful night of sleep only to be attacked by a dangerous spirit. The dangerous spirit turns out is controlled by a magic wielding Lorkylan and the Heroes subdue him, tie him up, and then are forced to subdue him again. This time they gag him so as to neutralize his nasty venomous spit. And yet now they are left in a dilemma, what do you do with a dangerous lorkulan, with venom spit?
Oh I know we strip him of all his stuff? uhh now what?

I guess we will find out in a couple of weeks.

Ok a couple of mistakes from last time that I want to retro in.
When you entered Two rivers they were flying the banner of the White Lion (the symbol of the Bloodied and banner of Arsalam, your favorite Nobles) but above Arsalam, flew the Red Bear. The Banner of House Rue, The House that Hayden had been kicked out of. The Mountain and Haran Hadfell (Billy’s old Sheriff) are House Rue’s men.
In the story I may have made the mistake of saying that the Usurpers flag had been flying, but that flag has only been seen in the Wyld. The Gnoll you found a while back had one. Ok so hopefully that cleans up the story a little.

She challenges the Tame Wolf, more like a dog really. Lapping at the crumb of his master.

Now the Belly Crawlers have attacked the Life Tree with the help of your Red Priest wielding the sky fire from his fingers and darker powers, creatures that neither breathed nor lived fight beside them.

They killed the Keepers of the Pact of the Bloodless (Pact that kept the Wyldlings out of the North) Now the Belly Crawlers claim to rule. They scream for the blood of the Northmen and gather.



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