The Usurper's Fang

Act VI

Wyldlings afoot

Priest Valton
Lady Sarn (Acolyte)
Hayden Rue (Twisted the One Power)
Teeth of the Maw (Elven Elite)

While waiting for the priest to determine the sickness plaguing the cobbler Daine, the heroes decides to go out and search around the gnoll body that they came across the day before. While leaving town the heroes are accosted by nervous town folk but with some diplomatic talk and a few subtle hints that said, “back off man we are bad ass” the town folk stopped harassing and instead invited them to stay at their inn.
The invitation, too little too late, the heroes move on to search for the gnolls body. As they begin to investigate they come across a wicked 2 handed sword, believed to have belonged to the gnoll and a curious women. Who is shoving the dead dogman into a cart to wheel away.

When the group approaches she warns them off with the wasting but the group ignores those warnings and approaches anyways. The woods begin to fill with the sound of howling creatures. The old woman it turns out appears to be more like an elf, and she abandons her find and sprints off into the thick of the brush. However, the group does not abandon the dead gnoll and continue stuffing it into the cart and make a run for the town. The howling picks up as the dogs pick up the chase in full. The carts wheel breaks and Imbert flings it into the woods. Only later would they think, “Huh…could have used that…” and the howling men are upon them snarling. Some entangling spell and a few of the gnolls are caught. The Heroes have Imbert pick up the slain beast and carry him back to town while the rest hold off the imminent onslaught. Unfortunately the Pack leader, a hulking creature of nearly 9 feet has flanked them and comes out of the brush swinging. A two handed blade that the creature wields one handed. It nearly cleaves Imbert in twain. But through some dodge, duck, dives and weaves Imbert fights the beast back. Eventually the group overpowers the creature and it falls into unconsciousness. And as the Giant wolf falls begins to transform into a human like woman, with an amulet around her neck.
Her wounds begin to heal over, when she is mostly recovered the group decides to sever the chord of the amulet….



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