The Usurper's Fang

Act IV

The Storyteller

So as our heroes begin to put the pieces of their life back together after the set up they spend some time meeting with the princess who gives them her blessing and the charge of bringing back a healer. As the group is discussing the logistics of this mission the door bangs open and The Captain of the Princess Guard bursts through the door. (If anyone remembers his name post it below) The Captain obviously cares for the princess and is quite distraught to hear about her kidnappings. The Princess is more difficult to read as she maintains a dignified and royal posture, but excuses herself from the heroes to meet with her Captain. As the group leaves Jeff and the Captain make faces at one another and mild threats are whispered. (It’s a little fuzzy exactly what happened) needless to say Jeff isn’t making friends. Our heroes then go to bed to clear their heads.
In preparation for their journey they are given access to the traitorous baron’s armory. When as the group is coming out, Sir Jaken Armsalam comes riding up, demanding to know why these peasants are treating his father’s things like a candy shop. Jaken and William (Jeff’s Character) almost throw down, William planning to take on all thirty men on his own but cooler heads prevail as the halfling wanders through the men offering them liquor. Liquor procured from Jaken’s father’s stash but Liquor none the less.

Jaken the son of the traitor returns to the mansion where William tries to follow but Jaken bars the way. Painful as it was William turns back to the gathering of soldiers who have spent the last years protecting the border of the Kingdom from Wyldlings and Jundar Hordesman. The halfling begins to win the men over with his wit and alcohol, alcohol the most prevalent sort of winning over. Our commoner Imbert and the monk also make their way through the gathering where men seem happy to be in a civilized land.

Not long after entering the mansion Jaken is escorted back out by the princess where he apologizes to William for his treatment of the heroes and offers them horses to carry them on their way. The apology is most assuredly sincere.

The group then heads north to Tarlon Ferry, their upon the road they come across a wagon that has fallen down the side of a ravine. They lower the halfling down who soon discovers that a Gleeman (bard) is stuck under the wagon. With some work and some muscle they free the gleeman who thanks them with his scattered dinner. As night falls and the gleeman is in need of healing the group decides to camp. Where stories are shared and rest for the weary comes.

One story shared was such.
“You know the Forgedawns have not always ruled this land. But of course you know that, everyone does. But not everyone knows the why? You see before their was King Forgedawn their was King Beowyn, now Beowyn it is said was a good king. The Jundar Hordes swept up from the south and Beowyn’s while greatly outnumbered issued to them defeat after defeat. He and his High Lord General Raveen. Together they crushed their foes one after another. But it would not be the Jundar that would be their undoing. No. Their greatest foe was a woman. You see, Raveen was betrothed to the Lady of Roick. It had been that way since he was a child and the king had told him that after the war was won then the marriage would have his blessing. But when the war ended Beowyn took Lady Roick for himself. He should have banished him that day. But he didn’t Raveen was allowed to continue serving the King and his new bride. Raveen was a patient man and stood by for years. The King had a son and Raveen and Raveen realized he could wait no longer. He began to gather his allies, forging secret alliances, and on his son’s second birthday. Raveen struck, The King fell, his son died, but Raveen wanted to kill the Lady of Roick himself, this was no deed that he would allow another to do. Now whether he planned on killing her, or planned on letting her escape no one can say. Personally though, I like the story of when he opened the door and saw her tear stained face, he could not find the strength to lift the blade. Only realizing then what he had done, how he had betrayed his closest friend, how rage and jealousy had crippled his heart. Some say it was Raveen himself who led her out into the night setting the Lady of Roick free to return to her father’s lands.
Raveen ruled for six years, and in that time Nobles rose and fell, but in the end it was the dagger of the Lady of Roick that found his heart. She marshaled her father’s soldiers, found help in the Northlands, rallied the Forgedawns and married the heir apparent. Together they dislodged Raveen’s men. And Lord Denarian Forgedawn sat on the throne next to his new bride The Lady of Roick. King and Queen. When it was all said and done the South was in shambles, broken and bloodied from two wars. The House of Raveen was no more and new nobles, Nobles like this Arsalam were raised. Nobles loyal to the King. Now with Denarian gone his son Thalleon continues his father’s legacy.

Yes friends we live in peaceful times, but peace bought and paid for with the blood of simple folks. Folks like you and me.

After that story their were a couple others but the night grew late and heroes found themselves needing some sleep.

It was at the nearing of dawn when they came, the guard that was set by the heroes did have time for some warning but arrows began raining down upon them and in the shadows of night the Heroes danced with death. (Dramatic yet) They fought hard and when it was over a few men had died, some had fled but four were captured. Men of the Bloodied, Jaken’s men. Come to take back the gold. While they never said for sure that Jaken had sent them it has become apparent to our heroes that Two Rivers is no longer a welcoming place. One man whom the halfling recognized did ask for a favor, before the heroes set them free, the captured Bloodied now planning to return back to the border asked. “If by the dawning light you do ever come across the king, tell him, we need more men. The Jundar horde is growing and we do not have enough to hold back the swelling beast of the Wyld.” The heroes shook their head and went on their way. Hoping to reach Tarlon’s Ferry by daybreak.



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