The Usurper's Fang


On the Run

Act III On the Run

Our Heroes kidnap the princess and flee to the shelter of the woods. William throws the princess over his shoulder as, she kicks screams and bites. The guards in close pursuit charge into the thick brush harrowing after our heroes. Sh A, our not so silent monk, makes a move to gag the princess where she pulls a concealed dagger (Where was she hiding it?) and flails at him. The monk knocks her into unconsciousness and the team plows ahead. Down a steep gorge and into the River. Some are better swimmers than others and they fight the wild currents. Eventually a quarter mile downstream pull themselves out and begin the process of drying off. The princess lost and now confused stops fighting and starts sweet talking.
The team using the lull in her spirit do their best to win her over. As our Barbarian Arafina actually bonds with her somewhat over some girl talk. (So, how’s the kidnapping? It’s always hard at first but it gets better.) The princess is pacified. They bed down for the night but the guards have not caught their scent.
The group decides to make their way to a small village called (small village) where they planned to leave the princess and make their way back to the Baron’s mansion. One hiccup the village is being canvassed by soldiers. Our ninja like team breaks apart, with William the Ranger, Sh A the monk, and Marty the sorcerer, nimbly make their way to steal the Horses of the Guards. With some quick witted speech, William fools the page boy who is watching the horses into running back to his commanding officer, and with a flash the group is gone. Meanwhile, Arafina our Barbarian and Imbert play good cop bad cop with the princess. Arafina continues to tell her that everything is all right and life is good and it will only be a few more minutes till she is free. Imbert flashes his rapier at her (read that how you choose) and continues to threaten her into silence. (Must say not doing much for public relations.) Anyways, the stealth team has almost made it back without notice when William the Ranger notices the page boy’s harsh punishment and cannot resist but to put an arrow in the officer beating the boy and alerting the guards to their presence. However, those guards have no horses and the group does. So with a nighty night princess from the sorcerer (sleep spell) They leave her behind and head to the mansion to unravel the mystery of the Baron’s plot, or to just beat him down depending on the character.
First stop, they head to the stables to find Taugh (Who I just liked to much to turn evil, darn my conscience) but he too has fallen ill to the wasting and as the group enters into the Mansion it seems deserted and even more broken. As they slip in they soon discover that they are being followed, the man who was once the cobbler has now felt the full effect of the wasting and appearing something like a cross between a burnt body and a zombie clings to the ceiling and walls following behind with odious warnings. Our heroes mostly ignore him (Once again still getting used to this group, my other group would have attacked on the spot, well played, all I can say is it would have been ugly) They come to the Baron’s chamber where in undramatic fashion they knock and he lets them in.
The Baron, Jabba the hut like, promises them their due reward, enters into his sleeping chamber and summons 3 goul like creatures and locks himself in his room. With great agility and strength the group heroically fend off the minions of death. While the halfling figures out a way into the other room by jumping from window to window. He watches as the Baron slowly shoves furniture up against the door in an attempt to barricade himself in. The halfling sneaks in, (and I kid you not decides his best approach is to tickle the Baron, by far my favorite part of the whole story)
Marty tickles the Baron while the heroes outside fend off the blows of these deadly diseased creatures. The monk takes a vicious wound but our commoner hero kills the beast with a thrust of his rapier (once again interpret how you would like) The Barbarian Arafina beheads a second creature with a double chop of her two axes then passes into unconsciousness (oddly enough she did not seem to have any wounds.) William, Sh A continue to battle the last minion of death. While Marty waits for the Baron to stop laughing (true story)
Finally our commoner hero Imbert (Don’t think that’s right either) lashes out with speed and grace his rapier striking true kills the last of the beasts.
As the Heroes force open the door and push their way into the Baron’s chamber they discover that the halfling has him backed into the corner as he threatens the baron with a vial of Alchemist’s fire.
With the door open and being the biggest one in the room the Baron makes one last desperate attempt to escape. As he tries torun but the building itself turns on him as the floorboard breaks beneath and the Baron falls hard upon the ground. With William’s blade at his throat the Baron finally comes clean. “It’s all there,” he cries pointing to his desk and Marty begins to unravel the puzzle of the Baron’s treason.
Baron Arsalam has been dabbling in the darkest of magic and was working on a way to control people like a necromancer controls the undead. His experiments it seemed had unlocked a dark disease but finally after trials and errors he had perfected his worm he would be a true puppet master, and the princess his puppet.
Yes our heroes have indeed saved the day. The Baron still claims that his son knew nothing of his plot, his son Sir Jaken Arsalam has been in the south hunting Goblin raiders when the Baron sent word that princess was in danger of brigands. Our heroes now have the blessing of a grateful Princess Arianna ForgeDawn, and of course the Baron’s Gold. Yes, good has been done by a ragtag lot of unsuspecting heroes. And yet there are still other questions that need answering. Where did this Baron obtain his magic and from who? Is there a cure for poor Taugh? What happened to the Barons House Mistress? Only time will tell.



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