The Usurper's Fang

Act II

Of Thieves and Ladies

Act II

Our Heroes after a short meal with the Baron are joined by a not so famous Highwayman (Jeff) Who once was a noble lawman has turned to ruffing up the rich with the guise of giving it to the less fortunate. And as the Highwayman makes his passionate plea for the downfall of the corrupt government our Heroes, well are less sure. But the Baron assures them that it’s a way of striking back at the powers of evil while at the same time adding some heft to their pockets. In exchange for the gold to be redistributed at the heroes leisure all the Baron asks is for the King’s Jewel. The Heroes take that evening to decide.
Not willing to just jump into this mess without first exploring the creepy mansion our heroes full the friendly guard Taugh into believing they are having a reunion of sorts where he should wait patiently outside. Our heroes then bar themselves in and slip out the back, in an attempt to understand what is really going on. They find a servants stairway which leads down into the cellar or up into the main house. Of course they choose to go down into the darkness where they discover wine, rats and …
Something scratching, no someone scratching behind a freshly made wall. As they chisel out a whole they are greeted by a not so sound of mind man, the Cobbler from Two Rivers. He is infested with a disease and unsure as what to do they lock him back up in the darkness. Leaving him with a torchlight, and a fond fair well the group heads back up where they appease the guard with chicken, and then go back to their “reunion” where they head upstairs discover the Baron’s room. Realize he is sleeping in there, and go back to bed. Leaving the poor man in the basement to spend the night crying in misery. (Oh wait you don’t know that)
Anyway in the morning the group has breakfast with the Baron, and they just happen to mention that they “accidentally” stumbled into the wine cellar, where they “accidentally” chiseled a whole in the baron’s wall, and found a man walled up inside.
Oddly the Baron doesn’t seem upset and quickly explains that, "I know it looks bad, but it isn’t. It’s for his own good, and I really have done the best that I can do, for this poor sick man. Baron reminds them of their real reason for being here and the group after a couple of drinks agrees with the Baron that yea, walling a sick man in is a good idea, and they would be happy to serve. (I admit, I’m putting my own spin on the story)
The Heroes rush out to Rob the Tax man. They set themselves up, and wait on the road, ambush in place. After bickering between the best method to stop said caravan, between Morgan’s Legs or the not so famous highwayman’s bows they go with the, “shoot an arrow at the driver plan,” The driver is indeed intimidated, and begins frantically whippiing the reigns, The commoner (Nathan) Charges out of the Brush, attacking the horses before they can get off any steam. The horse team tears the tongue free, and charges away. Marty the 1/2ling (Branden) puts three of the guards to sleep, leaving one still standing watch in back. Morgan charges out from her side putting the fear of God into another of the Guards, While the Highwayman jumps down from his tree limb, crashes upon the commander where they go tumbling into the dirt. A cry from inside the Cabin echoes out, and a noble figure emerges from the carriage, the terrified guard accidentally gives it away, for the King’s Jewel is the Princess. Horns begin blaring from the roadside as the White Lion Banner crests upon the hillside. It’s the Son of the Baron, Sir Jaken Arsalam and his Bloody Brigade, the heroes can only assume that Jaken has come to save the Princess from the evil Brigands.
Now the not so famous Highwayman has just acquired some fame, and he jumps over puts a dagger to the Princess throat. The rest of the group run like hell back to the woods and William drags the princess behind. (The one quote I really wanted to shout out but held back was, “It’s a Trap”) Ahh now our heroes, wait are they heroes they just kidnapped the princess. Now our villains are fleeing into the woods cursing the day they ever visited the Baron’s mansion. So what will happen next. Only time will tell.



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