The Usurper's Fang

Act 1

The Baron's Reward

Act I

Our heroes find themselves on the road heading to their home village of Two Rivers (The name was Inspired or stolen, depending on your point of view, from Wheel of Time) Nathan our commoner, along with Robert (a.k.a Bob) our NPC were heading back to town from a hard day of tilling the land. When a small halfling appears on the roadside, (Branden) the halfling offers greeting, while Bob accosts him about where his parents are. The awkward meeting is interrupted as the smell of smoke falls over the land.
The Tulls farm, our heroes run to find the house in flames and farmer tull and his wife dead upon the ground. Arrows piercing their body. But where is Arafina, their 17 year old daughter. Out of the black flames another local appears. A monk who has spent the last seven years training for his first level of monkdom. (Shawn) is now returning home but the rising smoke has pulled him toward the group. Perplexed the group follows muddy tracks to a treeline, where Bob the heroic runs away to rouse the village.
The wind carries the sound of keening goblins and the cries of a young woman. "Back, off, get back, and so on.
Imbert our commoner seizes the opportunity to prove himself and charges through the treeline and out the other side onto an open field where the young woman is surrounded by green goblins, prodding her with spears.
Her eyes burn with defiance, and she wields a deadly frying pan. The halfling maneuvers his way through the woods with the monk flanking Imbert’s charge. The battle is fierce but ends with 6 goblins sleeping soundly, Imbert with a not quite mortal wound, but has gained the sympathy of young Arafina. And a quick footed monk who disarms and crushes all his goblin foes.
The town arrives to find the halfling standing upon one of the sleeping goblins and the new friends are proclaimed heroes. The farmer and his wife are put to rest and the party is taken back to the tavern where their heroics are celebrated with wine, song and laughter.
Alas, poor Arafina Tull has no one left but the strong commoner Imbert to comfort her.
As the party in the tavern begins to wind down a hulking guard of the Baron enters. The Baron hearing of the parties deeds and poor Arafina has invited the group to his manor. A large man weighing over 300 pounds (not muscle) welcomes them to his home and tells them of the poor plight of the people, the treacherous king and his evil tax men. He offers them a chance to make wrong those rights. But the party is hesitant, the halfling does not appear to trust the baron, the silent monk remains a mystery. And the commoner Imbert well he’s focused on the plight of Afrafina and her huge tracks of land. (forgot to mention that last night) So what will happen next, who knows the game continues next Tue at 8:15. So if you missed this week your welcome to join in next.



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